Attendee Networking

Facilitate digital and i-person networking at events with your mobile event application

Connect Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors

Event stakeholders go to meetings and conferences to learn from and connect with others. Whether it is about exchanging ideas, joining a discussion, or scheduling a time to meet up, a DoubleDutch mobile event app makes it easier for attendees to communicate with each other right from their phone or tablet.

Share Your Interests

Knowing who is attending is great… but what about figuring out who shares common interests? Attendees can use a mobile event app to select networking tags that represent their interests and areas of expertise. The attendee list in the app shows others who share the same interests, for easy networking and discovery.

Communicate Directly

When attendees can communicate directly with one another, your event becomes incredibly valuable. Allow attendees to have exclusive conversations with each other through direct messaging within the app.

Make Speakers Accessible

Speakers may not have enough time to answer questions before the next session begins or attendees may have opinions about what they just learned. Reach event speakers or share your opinions with other attendees through “comments” or “likes” in the activity feed of an event or session.

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