Audience Response System

Deploy live polling during your event for supreme audience engagement, and use surveys to gather feedback privately

Instantly Capture Opinions

Easily capture the opinions of your audience without expensive hardware-based audience response systems. Create polls or surveys in your Studio even before your event begins. Poll your audience with one multiple choice question at a time with up to five response options. Pre-set the start time for each poll so you have one less thing to worry about.

Get Real-time Results

Poll your attendees “globally” or during a specific session. Control how much time your audience has to respond and watch as the dynamic results roll in. Choose to view your results in the app or display them on a large screen for everyone to see. Survey results remain private.

Collect Responses From Everyone

Anyone who has a smartphone can participate in a poll or survey. Attendees simply respond via the iOS or Android mobile app or even by SMS text. (SMS response is only available in the United States.)

Reward Attendees For Participating

Assigning point values to any polling activity is a great way to reward attendees for responding. Encourage your audience to participate in your event in yet another way!​

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