Beacon Technology Transforming Events

Beacon technology is not new to the tech world but it’s still a massively underused bit of kit. Launch Interactions are now offering a fully integrated beacon option for our clients and I thought I’d write a blog on what beacons are and how they work. Ensuring you have the right amount of information to say to yourself “why do we not have these at our event yet!”

The doubledutch app can be fully integrated with the world’s largest distributor of beacons who are known as the experts in the market, engineering smart hardware that is ready to live up to the requirements of the most demanding industries and application. And using them couldn’t be easier, but first, let’s get into what they are and the benefits;


Beacons come in many different forms and can be used for so many different reasons, let’s go through the various options available:


Stationary Beacons

This small cube-like device can be stuck to walls, ceilings or stationary objects, the doubledutch app will then notify the user of whatever message or instruction you have set when they come with a set distance of the beacon. This is great for attendee engagement and location-based content. There are 2 versions available to do this, Beacon and Beacon Pro.

Asset Tags

Attach tags to moving assets, this is great for tracking attendee location and where they linger. There are 3 different options available for this, Tough Beacon, Bluetooth Tag S18-3 and Card Beacon.

People Tags

Now, this is a fab tool to have your attendees carry tags around with them, you can monitor their movement around the venue, people flow and optimise space and equipment usage. It’s great for attendee security and visibility of visitors. This is available in a Card Beacon the attendee can carry around their neck.

Condition Tags

This is a really cool way to monitor temperature, humidity, light or other environmental factors in real time with sensor-rich tags. The Bluetooth Tag S18-3 and the Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3 are great for this.

They are completely user-friendly, with no cables, switches, readers or confusing UX. You use your smartphone as a gateway to manage all the devices and collect real-time data, accessing your platform anywhere, and is completely compatible with your Wi-Fi.


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