Case Study – Dawn Foods Kick Off 2018

100% of attendees active in the app with 99% actively engaged!

Dawn Foods supply a complete line of quality, consistent mixes, bases, icings, glazes, fillings, frozen dough, and fully baked products to the food industry — worldwide. We worked with their dynamic marketing department who focus on category and channel marketing to provide the event app for their annual Kick-Off event in Athens. This was a 4-day event and covered their exciting plans and focuses for the year ahead.

For all their attendees to adopt the app was a massive achievement. With over 1300 newsfeed updates and over 4400 likes on posts. All attendees were new to this type of tech at an event but fully adopted it and loved it. Dawn Foods were massively impressed with our support function, fully responsive and any issues were instantly resolved.

“A very efficient tool for any event organiser. And very useful and playful for attendees.”

With this being the first time Dawn Foods had used an event app, they were understandably dubious about whether or not their colleagues would adopt it. We worked really closely with the team to ensure the features were set up to get maximum.

The great thing about the Doubledutch app is that it can be personalised to meet the client’s needs and for Dawn Foods we wanted to make sure the attendee experience was completely unique. Their profiles included their specific breakout groups and agenda sessions along with all the tools to network with others. They decided they wanted a way to get more people engaged so they did a Treasure Hunt around Athens. Where they had to snap pictures of specific things and post them to the Newsfeed, they would then get points for the number of likes those pictures had. This was the method they used but there are so many other extensions you can add to the app, from QR hunt, Trivia Challenge, and Ice Breaker Espionage (see our blog for more info on these features)

“…although all was new to our participants they managed to use it and actually loved it!”

Dawn Foods opted for the self-service option and really put in the time to learn the CMS and build their own experience along with our ongoing support. For this event, we also supported onsite. Jamie went along to the event to fully support with live polling, Q&A, sending out push notifications and other communications from around the event. Our ethos when attending events is not just to be there to assist with the tech, but to advise and consult on how we think the app could be used to best enhance the event. Giving recommendations on how to make the event completely unique for the user.

As you can see from the results, we brought together 110 attendees from 80 different locations for 4 days in Athens!

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