Case Study – LTA

Reducing printing costs and instantly updating the schedule made the LTA event the best ever!

Lawn Tennis Association – British Tennis
The Lawn Tennis Association is the national governing body of tennis in Great Britain, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

“Launch Interaction’s helped us integrate an interactive app into our LTA National Coaches’ Conference for the first time. Getting rid of clipboards and paper, allowing us to interact with attendees pre, during and post event, and giving the attendees opportunities to engage live during the event. It would be hard to see us running a large event without this sort of event app implemented in the future.” – Matt Smith LTA

LTA was looking to reduce the amount of time and money they were spending on manually printing agendas and delegate packs, leaving more time for the organizers to make this the best event yet! In addition to this they were looking for a way to easily upload agendas, speakers and exhibitors along with upping engagement throughout the whole event, pre, during and post.

Starting with pre-event meetings we worked with LTA to ascertain what functionality they needed from the app and what functionality would meet their event goals. LTA self-built their app with the 24-7 support from our production team. Looking at their primary needs, the reduction of printing agendas, the app ensures you have a quick way to share the whole agenda pre-event so the attendees can start planning what they want to go and see and make their own personalized agendas. The beauty of the app is that if anything changes, which inevitably it does, the agendas, speaker, and exhibitors can, at the touch of a button be updated. No need to reprint and redistribute. Their secondary need was to promote engagement pre, during and post event. We did this through a mixture of in-app surveys and integrating Sli.Do for polls, word clouds & Q&A.

Out of 384 attendees, 367 of those downloaded the app with a massive 62% actively engaged, uploading photos and posts, liking, commenting, rating and sharing. The activity wall was viewed nearly 5000 times and 436 updates were made by attendees. And that’s just the app, saw a huge 131 questions asked and 746 poll votes.


“Launch Interactions helped with pre-event meetings (face-to-face/telephone/zoom) to give us an idea of the app capabilities and check-in with how we were progressing” – Matt Smith LTA



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