Doubledutch – Event App Usage Report 2018


In this report, we will dive into must-know statistics about event technology based on the use of DoubleDutch during several thousand events from February to August 2018. We hope you walk away with actionable insights that you can take to your next event.


1. When running a 1-day event be sure to promote and distribute your event app far in advance of your event to maximize adoption.

2. Events that are 3 or more days long have the highest rates of app adoption and engagement. Be sure all of your 3-day events (no matter the size) are equipped with an event app.


1. For industries that show under 50% engagement, it will be especially important to strategize ways to incorporate the app into your event: Kick off the event with an icebreaker game Utilize live question and answer capabilities Hold contests in-app to incentivize engagement


1. Whether you are holding internal, or external events there is a case to be made for using event apps. Engagement for both is consistently high.

2. Additional attention needs to be paid to driving adoption at external events: Incentivize downloads through exclusive in-app offers and experiences


1. Your peers leveraging event technology are early adopters of new features. We continue to see growing demand for new and exciting features and functionality for event apps.

2. Incorporate innovative features into your event app implementation to drive overall app engagement: Our most popular: Live Q&A, Lead Scanning, Ice Breaker Game


Not seeing these adoption and engagement trends for your event tech platform? Reach out to discuss our options with the Doubledutch app and registration.

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