External Conferences

Make an expresssion on customers and prospects

User conferences and partner summits shine brightly with the right technology. Energize your customers and prospects by connecting them with the right insights, sessions, and people at your event.

Create a personalized experience

Go beyond digital agendas. Give attendees access to the key insights they need – including real-time event notifications, reminders, and recommendations on sessions, content, and connections of interest.

Move from a one-way to a multi-way discussion

Leverage a full-fledged private social network to transform your attendees from passive participants to active contributors. Foster interactivity, see what messages resonate most, and get in on the conversation.

Foster purposeful connections

Empower attendees to identify experts, engage in topic-based channel discussions, and easily connect through direct messaging and meeting scheduling capabilities.

Drive sponsor and exhibitor satisfaction

Exhibitor booth staff can connect with attendees, engage in conversations, and scan badges all through one application. No need to sell clunky, outdated lead scanning hardware.

Accelerate business outcomes

Digitize the live interactions of attendees to deeply understand levels of interest. Push these insights into your sales and marketing automation systems to follow up with relevant messages that drive action.

Demonstrate event ROI and optimize

Get real-time feedback to make proactive changes that ensure event success. Leverage post-event analytics to assess what speakers, content, activities, and insights resonated most to improve. Prove ROI with a comprehensive set of metrics measureable alongside other digital marketing channels.

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