Introducing: Lost & Found

Another fab feature that’s come to the DoubleDutch app!! Lost and Found is a feature in the app that allows attendees to post lost items listings and let others know when lost items have been found.

To enable Lost and Found for your event, go to the Discover More tab in the CMS and click ‘Install Now’. The Lost and Found section will then be added as a menu item in your event.

The Default View

To access Lost and Found in the app, users will tap on the corresponding section from the navigation menu. From there, and if there are listings, they will see a default menu that appears like the following:

From here they can tap on listings to display more information. With more information displayed they can tap ‘Send a Message’ to send a direct message to the listing creator, or report a listing if it’s deemed inappropriate.

They can also switch between the “All”, “Lost”, and “Found” tabs to sort the listings accordingly.

Submitting New Listings

Additionally, users will be to submit new listings by tapping on the ‘What did you lose or find?’ text field. From there, they will have two options:

  • Submit a Found Listing
  • Submit a Lost Listing

Submitting a New Found Listing

Upon tapping ‘I Found Something’, users will then be able to fill out the item information (e.g. Leatherbound Notebook) by typing in the ‘Describe the found item’ text field.

Next, they’ll then fill out where they think the lost the item (e.g. Ballroom C).

Once finished, the listing can be posted by tapping on ‘Submit’.

Viewing and Resolving Your Listing

Once a listing has been posted, the user will see their own listing pinned to the top of the listing feed.

They can mark the listing as resolved by tapping on the ‘Resolved’ button. The listing will then change to show that it has been resolved.

Additionally, admins will be able to mark any listing as resolved or message the creator of any listing.

Lost And Found in the CMS

You can manage the Lost and Found feature from the CMS under the Layout tab. From there, you have several options.

Under Settings, you can type in the official lost and found location.

Attendees can be added as admins under the Admin section. Admins can message listing creators and resolve any listings.

Lastly, listings that have been reported will appear in the Reported Posts section. You can then either approve the listing or block it from the listings feed.

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