Introducing: Offers

Something that’s been creating a bit of a storm in the DoubleDutch app recently is the new Offers feature. Offers can be used to present your attendees with things like your company’s new product offerings, exhibitor’s products, and special promotions.

If you want this live in your app, then follow the steps below to activate in your CMS.

To enable this feature, go to the Discover More tab in the CMS and click on ‘Offers’, then ‘Install Now’.

Setting Up Offers in the CMS

To set up offers, go to the corresponding section under Content in the CMS. Next, you will see two boxes: Offers and Attendees.

To add a new offer click ‘Add Offer’. Give the offer a name and description, and add an image. Then click ‘Add Offer’.

Note: when filling out the image URL field, you must include the full web address (http:// or https://).

This will add the offer to the app for attendees to view.

Additionally, you can see which attendees have requested more information for which offers under the “Attendees” box. This list is exportable by clicking on ‘Export List of Attendees’.

Using Offers in the App

Attendees can access your list of offers by going to the corresponding section in the app.

By tapping an offer they will be able to view more details about it. Then, tapping ‘I’m interested’ will give the event organizer the opportunity to provide more information about the offer.

The attendee will then receive a confirmation that the event organizer has been notified of their request.


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