Introducing: QR Hunt

We’re really excited to announce a new game in the DoubleDutch app. QR Hunt is a fun way to use gamification to drive engagement throughout your event. Attendees can scan QR codes and attempt to complete the scavenger hunt. Make the game even more competitive by awarding prizes for those that complete the hunt!

To enable QR Hunt for your event, go to the Discover More tab in the CMS and click ‘Install Now’.

QR Hunt in the CMS

Once you have the feature enabled, you can go to the corresponding section in the CMS, under Content, to set up and configure QR Hunt.

Game Details

To set up the main details of your game, there are three text fields you will want to fill out:

  • Title: the name of the QR Hunt game
  • Game Instructions for Attendees: this will let attendees know what they need to do
  • Message to Attendee When Complete: the message attendees will receive when they complete the game


Categories include a collection of codes that can be scanned. Maybe you want attendees to scan codes at exhibitor booths? Create an Exhibitor Booth category. Maybe you want attendees to scan a collection of codes to earn prizes? Create a Prize Earned category.

Enter the name of the category, then choose the number of scans required to complete that category.


Next, add admins to your game. These individuals will be able to add QR codes to the game.

Note: admins must be a listed as attendees in the app.

Adding QR Codes

To add QR codes as part of the game, you will first need to list yourself as an admin. Next, you will open the QR Hunt section in the app, and use the “Add Code” button to scan a code and have it automatically added to the game.

Note: to build your QR codes, you will want to find a QR code generator. For example, we recommend Kaywa QR Code:

Once the code has been added, you will see it listed under the QR Codes box in the CMS. Here you can name the code as well as assign it to a category.


The Attendees box shows the number of scans each attendee has completed. You can also export this list by clicking on ‘Export list of completed attendees’.

QR Hunt in the App

To use QR Hunt in the app, attendees will go to the section in the app and tap ‘Let’s Play’.

On the next screen, they will see all the categories and number of scans required to complete the challenge.

Scanning a Code

To scan a code, attendees will tap ‘Scan Code’ to open up the device’s viewfinder. They’ll then hover the viewfinder over the QR code to scan it.

Upon scanning the code, the attendee will receive a confirmation message that the code has been successfully scanned.

If the scan is the final one required to complete the challenge, the attendee will receive the congratulatory message. This is the same message that is created by the event organizer in the CMS.

Attendees can also view their game status by visiting the QR Hunt section at any time.

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