Introducing: Trivia Challenge

Today we’re incredibly excited to bring Trivia Challenge to your events and a little friendly competition to your attendees. Setting up the game is quick and easy. Event organizers start by making a trivia session. Much like the Live Q&A feature, multiple Trivia Challenge sessions can take place at the same time. From there, it’s simply adding the trivia questions and their corresponding answers, as well as assigning a time limit to the questions.


When it’s time to start the game, the organizer can launch the presentation to display on a big screen or projector for attendees to follow along. Then everything is controlled from the Moderator Panel in the CMS. Organizers can control the flow of the game by ending a question early, displaying the leaderboard in between questions or ending the game completely. There’s even a preview of the next question to help the moderator know how to introduce the question.

Meanwhile, attendees are viewing and answering questions right from within the event app. To answer a question, attendees simply tap the answer that they think is correct before the timer hits zero. Once the question is over, attendees can see if their answer is correct and how many people selected which answer. When the game is all said and done, the leaderboard is displayed, and attendees can quickly share their results to the activity feed.

 If you’re ready to have some fun, head over to the Discover More page to install the app and get started!

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