Jamies Question Time

We spoke to MD Jamie Hayes-Jones on his journey, the future of event tech & Launch Interactions offering. Read on for the full interview

Q. What do you feel is the role of technology in the event experience?

A. Event technology plays a pinnacle role within the event journey, pre, during and post event. As the backbone to communication, engagement, interactions, and the community. When event technology has been tailored around your core goals, objectives, attendees, cultures & content you can really capture, influence and analyze everything that you could have never done before tech came on the scene

Q. There are so many solutions in the event tech space, from huge companies to startups. How does a startup company like Launch Interactions offer something to solve the problems most others don’t?

A. Launch Interactions is placed uniquely within the event technology world, being the only company that provides more than 3+ global solutions, in fact, 7+ world leading global event technology solutions. We are able to craft, create, edit & consult in more ways than working with a company that just offers one solution.
Conferences & Events are creative and a unique blend of the Message, Goals & Objectives which event has, from internal events to external events. There is a huge growth and a huge market for event technology which is a complete minefield for many that are not tech savvy, going through this minefield blind can not only be daunting but risk the overall event experience. This where Launch Interactions is best positioned, lowering risk, increasing results and truly able to support in multi-directions with multi-platforms that bring multi experience. 

Q.Launch has evolved massively over a short time, what has that journey been like?

A. The journey has been exciting and a continued strong growth month after month for the past 16 months, we have gone from 1 person to 14 and we can continue to double/triple in size over the next 12 months. From our incredible clients like Airbus, McDonald’s, Saudi Aramco, Baker Hughes a GE Company, Western Digital, Accela, DTLR Villar, and many others!

The results we have been achieving, event after event, tech rollout and at a global scale. Regularly providing technology that reaches the highest of analytical results at 100%. Continuing to work with an epic team of people, an awesome set of clients and many great partners like DoubleDutch.

We are set to have our strongest year yet and we have built the framework, team, tech, experience, and ability to really provide the best in class that our clients seek and need from an event technology provider. Going from a room to a garage to a really cool barn office and a company valuation of around £2.5mill in 1 year, we are super excited for the years to come, the experiences we will share and the journey we are all on!

Q. You have a robust offering of event technology at present, what does the technology of the future look like for Launch?

A. This is true, we support and provide more event technology options than any other provider. From training, to support, to delivery, we have mastered the journey and understand what to avoid and where to adjust to ensure the best possible results.

Our customer’s success is our success and that will never change, so the future needs to be built with the attendees in mind, giving the best, most engaging experience available without ever bending the technology to fit the objective.

Of course, that future as we all know involves VR, AR, AI, and Internal Comms blended into one seamless experience. Therefore we constantly review and test new tools, features and options ensuring we are always ahead of the curve and always top of the class for advice and support.

Were a logical, progressive thinking organisation that will continue to grow and develop our core values, which we believe is equally important to the technology options available. In an ever-changing technological landscape, values is perhaps the only constant we as an organisation can bank on. We only back ourselves by facts, solutions, and results derived from real-event-experiences, so for us, the future is transparency in both the technology, vendors, and providers all the way through to the end users trust to engage with our creations.

Q. What is a non-biased platform offering?

A. One that gives customers peace of mind they are not being boxed into an offering that has been bent to fit their needs. The type of clients we work with, there is zero room for error and for those reasons we will not risk the success of a clients event for our own personal gains. The real success in the event app space is helping clients Launch full adoption throughout all of their events, and currently, I don’t know of any one single event app that caters for those varying needs.”

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