Live Engagement Plateform

Maximize the impact of your events

How it Works

The Live Engagement Platform is a complete set of applications, integrations, and performance metrics that empower you to successfully orchestrate all your live events.

The core of the platform is an addictive Live Engagement Event App with industry-leading adoption and engagement rates. Usage of the app generates data-rich signals informing all of your marketing channels that lead to smarter decisions, event optimisation, and accelerate business goals.

Users leverage applications within the platform to curate the event experience in the Studio, engage attendees through the Event App, trigger personalized marketing campaigns in the Lead Manager, and monitor success through the Performance Manager. Integrate your marketing automation and CRM tools with the Live Engagement Platform and make it the system of record for all your events.

Gain Control Across Your Event Lifecycle

Turn user behavior into practical analytics for the first time ever. Digitize your events at every stage to empower event profs, marketers, exhibitors and sponsors alike to better evangelize, energize, monetize and optimize live events and maximize ROI on their marketing spend.

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