Major security flaw with the Tory Party Conference app

It’s been a disastrous weekend for the world of event tech, with news of the Tory Party conference app data breach, trust for our tech is undoubtedly on the top of everyone’s agenda. This doesn’t just affect the company that provided the event app, this affects all of us and the products and services that we provide.


The error from the app provided by Crowdcomms has had a rippling effect across not just the company but the event organisers, and the trust from the public. Shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett said: “How can we trust this Tory government with our country’s security when it can’t even build a conference app that keeps the data of their members, MPs, and others attending safe and secure?”


When going to an event, the last thing you expect is for your details to be widely available to the world, whether you’re a member of the Tory party or just going to your company managers conference. It is our responsibility as app providers to ensure every detail added to the app is safely stored and security is high priority.


With fines reaching into the 10’s of millions or 4% of the company turnover in new GDPR rules, should this type of breach ever happen? We think not. Whether its human error or a technical glitch, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. A full review of process and internal practices must be had. And what will this mean for them in the future? It’s hard to build that reputation back up and the trust of existing and now new clients. Will their current events be at risk? Will their platforms be under huge scrutiny? Yes, they will. And it begs the question… If they were able to fix it so quickly, should they have done more extensive testing of the app before the event day?


As a provider of event technology, we think very hard about the product we suggest for the client, ensuring it gives them everything they need, including levels of security needed.

The app we provide comes from the award-winning provider Doubledutch, who boast comprehensive security and data privacy. DoubleDutch is hosted in multiple data centers globally, on industry-leading, secure infrastructures. They value safety and security for you and your attendees. Read the Roadmap to Safety and Security at Events to learn more about creating peace of mind at your events. Which is why we put our trust in the best event app on the market.


We will continue to put security at the top of the agenda for all our clients, and we will all have to ensure we don’t repeat the blunder at Crowdcomms.


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