Tradeshow & Expos

Drive more value for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors

Deploy the latest and greatest event technology at your next convention, industry expo, or professional trade show. Energize attendees and provide massive value to exhibitors, all while streamlining operations for trade show executives.

Create a personalized experience

Help attendees navigate even the most complex show floor with interactive booth maps, personalized agendas, and all the information they need–at their fingertips.

Maintain full control

Go paperless while having full control over your app’s design and layout. Easily make on-the-fly content updates, then reach all attendees at once with promoted posts and push notifications.

Foster purposeful connections

Empower attendees to identify experts, engage in topic-based discussions, and easily connect through direct messaging and meeting scheduling capabilities.

Drive ROI with new revenue streams

Create new revenue streams by selling in-app sponsorship opportunities. Turn your mobile event app investment into an effective profit center.

Optimize for event success

Get real-time feedback to make proactive changes that ensure event success. Leverage post-event analytics to identify your top exhibitors, and use those insights to drive retention and upsell year after year.

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